Life & Relationship Coaching

Life & Relationship Coaching

Life is your training ground to learn, grow, and become a better you!

-Conquering Relationships (Brandy Yates)

We offer a free 30-minute discovery session where we talk briefly on the issue and your goals. This is where we see if you are ready to actually be coached into improving your life vs if you just want to vent and bounce off ideas and get an unbiased opinion. If your issues are deeper than coaching I will see where we can direct you to a licensed therapist.

If after booking your 30 minute free session, you feel that you want to just vent a little more without actually being coached, I do offer an additional 30-minute or 1 hour package that you can purchase for that.

If your paid 30-minute or 1 hour package is not enough and you feel that you want more time to tackle these concerns and goals, we can go over a customized package that better suits helping you get to the achieved and purposed place in your life when it comes to your relationships, friendships and life goals.

Remember that the goal is to not play the blame game and stay a victim, but to tackle areas in your life as needed so that you can learn, grow, and become a better individual. Only then will you be able to conquer these troublesome areas and have the relationships that you desire.

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